Color defining

All documents must be in CMYK, that means CMYK device or device GREY. The objects in the device RGB, calibrated RGB and Lab must be converted to CMYK before their import in the document that is processed and before PDF creating. All the colors of images in RGB can be seen only on the monitor while some colors can not be reproduced in the press and for correct printing they must be converted to CMYK, otherwise the image that you have never imagined will appear on the proof, or will be different from what it is on the monitor screen. SPOT colors must be correctly named according to Panton scale with defined CMYK percentages from scale. If the product does not contain Pantone colors or other so-called fifth spot colors, the document should be converted to CMYK. If the document contains objects defined as different Pantone colors, hence the different name or the same CMYK values and if it is necessary convert it to CMYK in the RIP software, the document will not be processed.